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Personal hygiene

Hands thoroughly washed before and after each treatment

Staff and clients to use a face mask during treatment and while interacting with clients.

Staff to use gloves when doing procedures, which must be discarded after each treatment.

Goggles (when necessary) for clients and staff washed with soap and warm water and disinfected with high level solution (CS20) after each use.

Staff will wear protective covering which will be disposed of or laundered after use.

Towels will be changed and laundered after each client.

Pillows and blankets will no longer be used on treatment beds.

Disposable head rests for each client.

No laser treatment will be made on broken or inflamed skin.

No handshaking and personal contact except when performing the procedure.

Environmental hygiene

Please notify us if you are sick so we can re-book your appointment. Do not hesitate to call and cancel even if it’s less than an hour if you are sick.

Returning travelers must not book appointment immediately. We prefer for you to wait a month before booking your appointment.

Environmental hygiene

More frequent cleaning will be imposed with low level surface disinfectants (Hydrogen Peroxide and Accel surface cleaner)

Enhanced surface sanitation in high touch areas as well as treatment beds, chairs, benches, table, neck and arm rest as well as on the Dermalase IPL handles.

Only single used spatulas and razor will be used. Razor’s are disposed in Health Canada approved sharps container.

plexi glass has been installed at reception desk.

Touchless soap dispenser and hand sanitizer will be provided in the washroom. Washroom with hot and cold running water, single used towels or paper towels will be provided.

All retail and testers will be put away, with display-only on retail shelves. Please ask for assistance for purchase.

Safe social interaction

We will only book one client per staff at a time.

Waiting area will be removed. Beverages will not be served.

Service providers will be limited and treatment area spread out to at least 2 meters apart.

If you have accompanying relatives or friends, we advise you to ask them to wait in the car. If you travel by transit, only one accompanying person per client will be allowed in the waiting area.

Before your next appointment

-Please arrive on time (not Early) and stand outside. we will open to let you in at the time of your appointment.

-Please wear mask. We will provide one if you do not bring your own.

-Please use hand sanitizer as provided upon entering

-A $5 equipment cost will be added to all treatments over $25 (subject to change)

-We accept tap payment and will not have cash on premises.

  No walk-ins will be entertained at this time.

​If under 18 years of age a parent must be present to sign on select services. Please visit our Service Menu for more information regarding parental consent.