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Our Services



eyebrow sculpting$25

eyebrow maintenance$20

lip or chin$13

full face (includes brows)$40


arms (half/full)$25/$35

legs (half/full)$35/$50

bikini wax$25

french bikini$35


brazilian maintenance$50


waxing packages of 3 save 10%


brow tint$17

lash tint$25

lash and brow$35


brow microblading$500

microblading follow up sessions

up to 12 months$150

12 to 24 months$225

after 24 months$325

lash lift


lift & tint$80

Lash Extensions

classic full set$120

fills (within 2 weeks)$55

fills (within 3 weeks)$65

hybrid full set$175

fills (within 2 weeks)$75

fills (within 3 weeks)$95

volume full set$230

fills (within 2 weeks)$85

fills (within 3 weeks)$105


free*work done by milk & honey

$25*work not applied by m&h



upper lip$90


lip & chin$165

full face$295


side burns$100





back (half/full)$265/$475


arms (half/full)$110/$200

legs (half/full)  $350/$650

skin rejuvenation by consultation

laser packages of 3 save 10%


We care about what goes on your skin, which is why we use only the finest ingredients. A specific wax will be selected based on your specific skincare needs. Our most popular waxes include Rose wax and our Epillys Honey wax. Our low heat waxes are a pure botanical line with beeswax being the key ingredients. With the proper before and after care we know you will be completely satisfied.


Using our plant-based vegetable dye a specific colour is chosen to compliment your natural hair colour. Lash tinting offers a darker lash colour to add length and depth to your natural lashes. Brow tinting is a very natural look which can help create a fuller-looking brow, cover grey hairs and add consistency to uneven, lighter patches within the brow. Suitable for all hair types with results lasting approximately 4 weeks.


At Milk and Honey we strive to find companies who share the same ethical values. That is why we use Sugarlash Pro. The Canadian brand is committed to sourcing ethical and innovative products for eyelash applications, keeping their lash products safe, sustainable, and ethical. We love that they share the same values of REAL BEAUTY and EMPOWERMENT. Our trained staff take the time to apply the luxurious silk lashes individually with a medical grade adhesive, providing you with natural looking light weight lashes. We are happy to answer any questions regarding what look is right for your lifestyle and the upkeep needed to keep your lashes looking their best.


Lash lifts have become one of our most popular services and is loved for its dramatic curl and low maintenance upkeep. A gentle alternative to lash extensions, the lash lift takes the natural hairs you have lining your lid and gives them an eye opening curl, resulting in added lift and separation. Results last 6-8 weeks.


Tired of waxing, tweezing or shaving? Our staff of certified laser technicians offer permanent hair removal that is safe and effective. Excess body and facial hair can be embarrassing and time consuming to remove on your own. Laser hair removal is a more efficient and longer lasting alternative to remove unsightly hair. Using a concentrated laser, the treatment is applied to a larger area of hair and is absorbed by the pigment. The hair follicle is damaged at it’s core and will drastically decrease the regrowth of body hair. Laser hair removal has proven extremely effective in permanently reducing hair growth. For those suffering from ingrown hairs and scarring as a result, laser is the perfect solution. We focus on helping you achieve long term results while drastically reducing the time wasted on shaving, waxing and tweezing. At Milk and Honey Brow Bar we use the most advanced FDA approved Laser technology on the market today to provide safe and effective permanent hair removal treatments. A consultation is required before your first treatment to inform you of all necessary information.


We provide safe and effective skin care treatments, targeting a variety of conditions including: sun spot removal, red spot removal, spider vein removal, acne and laser genesis (fine lines and wrinkle reduction)


Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up, done by inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin to enhance the look of the brow. This is a great option for women who have over tweezed eyebrows, or ones that lack fullness. The results are very natural looking, feathered hair-like strokes. The effects last approximately 18 months before the pigment fades and a touch up is required. A consultation is required before booking your treatment to ensure the perfect pigment match for your skin.