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An Ancient Art

This blend of oils is derived from natural herbs, plants and root extracts. It is rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidents, high quality fatty oils (that provide energy) and botanicals that were used by both Romans and Greeks as well as Ancient Chinese Herbalists to promote hair growth. Ancients rubbed natural plant extract oil into the brow area to rejuvenate brow hair and stimulate growth. In addition to stimulating hair growth the oil blend had numerous other benefits. It soothes irritation, acts as an antioxidant and moisturizes both skin and hair. It improves hair health. Adding moisturizer reduces brow hair brittleness. This makes brows soft healthy and more manageable.

How To Use It

Use the mascara wand to gently brush the oil into the brow area. Massage the oil into the skin for several minutes. Repeat each evening. The nutrient rich oil should be in contact with the hair root when your hairs enter into a growth phase. Individuals of course vary but your body should enter into this cycle (at least) every 8 weeks.